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Bolognese Meat Ball Pasta

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Product Description

What is Cibo Pasta?

Pasta is one of the most common and popular food in the world. It can be your breakfast, lunch, high tea, or even dinner and supper. We carefully choose our pasta brand to ensure your bites will not be the same as the instant, and every sauce is homemade from fresh ingredients with healthy selection. 

Bolognese Meat Ball Pasta

Our very own recipe of bolognese sauce and meatball is made from 100% chicken breast and in house. Do not worry about eating instant sauce which we know you can buy it from any supermart. We very enjoy eating our own bolognese sauce and we are pretty sure you do.

Fact Sheet

Size: 300 gram

Serving: 1 adult / 2 kids

Specialty: 100% chicken breast and tomatoes

Waiting time: 5 mins

Storage: Eat Immediately for best taste or store chilled for 24 hours

Reheat: Cover it and heat it up with microwave with high power for 2 mins. 

Ingredient: spaghetti, chicken meatball, chicken bolognese, tomato sauce, tomato puree, olive oil, seasoning, parmesan cheese.